Comcast Business Helps Businesses of All Sizes Better Support Remote Workers with New Connectivity Solutions

As businesses across the country rally to remain productive, the lines between work and home continue to blur and remote workers face increasing reliability, security and connectivity challenges as their work and personal lives compete for bandwidth.

To help businesses and their employees be more productive and to protect them from cybersecurity threats while working remotely, we are introducing Comcast Business At Home – a dedicated, enterprise-grade and business-paid, set of connectivity solutions for business owners with a premise-based location that also have employees working from home.

“Businesses across industries and the country are rethinking their positions on working from home, and are searching for ways to ensure their businesses remain agile and productive, no matter where their employees are,” said Christian Nascimento, Vice President of Product Management, Comcast Business. “Providing remote employees with dedicated, in-home, enterprise-grade connectivity that is separate from their residential network can help businesses increase productivity and flexibility. We look forward to continuing to evolve this offering to address the unique challenges facing business customers of all sizes. Comcast Business At Home is just one more way we’re keeping our customers and their businesses connected.”  Comcast Business At Home allows businesses off all sizes to pay to provide their remote employees with a dedicated, independent Internet connection, as well as additional tools for mobility, cyber solutions and more, while ensuring the employee’s home Internet connection remains available for streaming, smart devices, video chats or other personal use. Businesses can provide and manage this dedicated connection for their remote employees to help drive:

  • Reliability – Comcast Business At Home provides a professionally installed, dedicated, fast and reliable Internet connection with no data usage threshold and a separate WiFi network and SSID (static IP optional);
  • Flexibility – With no minimum or maximum number of users, businesses can add as many employees as needed, across multiple locations;
  • Convenience – Each employee’s service is billed to the company’s Comcast Business account;
  • Mobility – Available on-the-go voice solutions that allow employees to route calls from their business number to any device;
  • Security – Available cybersecurity solution to help protect devices connected to the network from malicious threats.

Comcast Business At Home is beneficial for businesses across all industries and is ideally suited for those in service-oriented industries such as legal, accounting, advertising, healthcare, and insurance.

Comcast Business provides vital Internet and phone connectivity to businesses of all sizes. We know how critical it is for businesses to stay connected. Through Comcast’s gig-speed network, expert engineers and award-winning business tools and services, we are making sure businesses remain connected, secure and agile – from anywhere, on any device. Comcast Business has teamed up with leading brands, including American ExpressInc. and more, to develop free webinarsresources, and tools for business navigating this new environment. Additionally, we’ve enhanced our safety and reliability measures to protect the health of our customers and employees while continuing to the provide the best service possible.

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