Comcast Business Provides Customers Free and Discounted Access to Leading Third-Party Business Applications

Comcast Business has unveiled a collection of resources and offers, providing customers with free or discounted access to leading third-party business applications and software to support them as they adjust to working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comcast Business teamed with technology industry leaders to compile a list of resources to help businesses of all sizes connect and collaborate. Comcast Business has also secured deals for its customers, providing them with free or discounted access to leading third-party business applications.

“As businesses everywhere have had to re-evaluate and in many cases reinvent how they operate, we’ve partnered with Comcast Ventures and our strategic product partners to provide Comcast Business customers with several leading business applications for free,” said Eileen Diskin, CMO, Comcast Business. “This added value is just one of the many ways we are working with our clients to help them stay connected and advance their businesses.”

Some of the offers available to Comcast Business customers include:

  • Zipwhip – Texting for Business:
    Zipwhip is a business text messaging platform that lets users send and receive text messages from their business phone number. Comcast Business customers can get Zipwhip free for 60 days to help them stay connected to their customers.
  • Hive – Project Management:
    Hive is a project and task management platform that gives businesses tools to track tasks and projects, communicate effectively and keep projects moving. Comcast Business has teamed up with Hive to offer access to Hive Enterprise and Workspace Add-ons completely free of cost for 60 days.
  • EComFax – Electronic Fax:
    EComFax lets users send and receive faxes securely to and from anyone using an email client, wherever they have Internet. Comcast Business Internet customers can sign up for 60-day free trial access to eComFax SMB Edition.
  • Grokker – Health and Wellbeing:
    Grokker is a content platform with engaging content for fitness, mindfulness, sleep, stress reduction, nutrition, and financial wellbeing. Comcast Business has teamed up with Grokker to offer access to the Grokker platform and content free of cost for 90 days.
  • Direct Delivery by SevenRooms – Online Ordering for Restaurants:
    Direct Delivery provides restaurants with a streamlined direct online solution to offer delivery and pickup options to their customers. Comcast Business has teamed up with SevenRooms to provide our restaurant customers a special offer. Sign up for SevenRooms for discounted rate with 3 months free plus no set up fees.
  • Stella Connect – For Call Center Management:
    Stella Connect’s platform connects customer feedback, quality assurance, and coaching, giving contact center leaders visibility into performance. This visibility drives frontline team improvement and efficiency. Comcast Business has teamed up with Stella to offer access to Stella Connect free for 90 days.

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